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Jubilejný desiaty ročník festivalu si dal pod názvom dogmatiX za úlohu vytvoriť priestor na odhaľovanie ideologických dogiem, spoločenských predsudkov a inštitucionalizovaných uhlov pohľadu. Prihlášky do 15/6.

The jubilee tenth year of OFF Bratislava, titled dogmatiX, aims to create a space for examining ideological dogmas, social prejudices and institutionalized points of view. The festival invites artists to address settled and established opinions and principles and to discuss official tenet systems concerning faith, morals and behavior. The festival is ready to question particular doctrines that have been authoritatively laid down, prescribed and proclaimed as unquestionably true by certain social groups.

A firmly-set authoritative opinion, statement or principle: this is the general definition of the Greek word dogma. Originally it did not have a specifically negative context, rather the opposite. For religious ideologies it stands as guarantee of possible redemption; something that is worthy of trust. However, in modern society’s vocabulary this concept carries a rather negative connotation.

Submit your project referring to the abovementioned theme by 15 June 2019 by sending an electronic application form. Submitted proposals must contain information about the artist, contact person, project/work details, and installation